Book Review - 359° - Worker, Writer, World traveller by Stephan Thiemonds

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Book Review

359° is Stephan Thiemonds, a German author’s travelogues from around the globe working for a German manufacturer of industrial machines. Stephan is a service engineer who has travelled the world extensively for the last 14 years representing his work and company. Experiencing different cultures, networking, and making memories along the way. 359° is a collection of short stories from his travels to India, China, Taiwan, Thailand, Iran, Colombia, Antarctica, Denmark, Turkey, Sweden, Finland, Great Britain, and of course, Germany.

Starting as an inexperienced traveller on a bicycle, Stephan is introduced to the chaotic yet basic culture of India, which ignited the traveller in him and made him more appreciative of life in general. The shock of different cultures, some funny anecdotes makes this a light read. He takes you in each of these region with the perspective of a worker, writer and world-traveller, with majority stories and lessons coming out of India and China, and eventually resting in his homeland of Germany.

The book feels lengthy because of Stephan’s many experiences, but his stories are crisp and fresh. His outlook is fascinating and it is a good travelogue to read. It won’t be fair to compare someone’s experiences to that of the others, but I wish the stories were more precise and engaging. I felt a slight disconnect at a few places, but reading overall it was a fun read. It’s always nice reading experiences of people who were able to work as they travelled the world.

Final Thoughts

The travelogue has short stories from the life of an engineer, who could travel the world for work and inspire himself to write. He shares the different cultures with a fresh perspective. The stories are interesting, however the book felt a bit lengthy.

Genre Non-fiction
Price Rs 350 (Review copy received)
Pages 301 pages
Format Paperback
Publisher (Self-published)

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